As I Looked Into the Faces of My Team, My Heart Sank..

I Wasn't Getting Through to Them.

 My Team Wasn't Performing and We Were Losing Money Daily.

Unless Something Changed, I was Going to Lose My Team AND My Bosses Respect.

And Then I Did Something That Changed My Team, My Career, AND My Life.
- "I Feel Like We Are Just A Number" 

- "All This Business Cares About Is Revenue"

- "They (Management) Just Don't Get It"

- Quotes from my previous team that shook me to my core

It Felt Like No Matter How Much I Tried, That I Didn't Belong in a Leadership Role, And I Didn't Know How to Get Results from my Team. I Didn't Know How To Go From "Team Mate" To "Leader" and I Was Stressed and Struggling
On my 28th Birthday, a day when I should have been excited, I broke down in tears.😢

At first I wondered why I was upset. 

You see I had what I thought was the dream. I was living with my partner at the time in a beautiful suburb in Sydney, Australia. I owned properties, was working in an Executive Human Resource Management role, money in the bank, holidaying around the world.

I was dedicated. I gave my everything.

And so the day when I was offered an Acting Executive HR Manager role by the CEO of my company, I accepted. 

And you would think I'd have been over the moon.

But after a while in that role, I realised that I just felt stressed and empty inside, and unfulfilled.

And that's when I saw my Acting Executive role for what it was -
• I was performing 2 roles, and despite working 17 hour days felt like I wasn't getting anywhere
• I wasn't looking after my own health and well being, and as a result of stress had lost 10 kilo's in 2 months - My weight at the time hit a low of 47 kilo's
• My team lacked direction, and weren't achieving their expected results
• I had gone from being a high performing employee responsible for my own results to a fumbling mess now expected to lead a team and an entire Organisation to achieve their results too
• My team were unhappy in their jobs
• Due to a combination of factors, I was struggling to lead myself and my team effectively

Eventually, I recruited a new HR Executive, some team members left, and the Acting role finished. 

But I decided in that moment that I needed to do something about this. 

If this team was being ineffective, I needed to understand why, and then to help the 1000's of other teams who must face the same issues.

And so I dedicated time, effort and money to study and learn all I could about leadership, human behaviour, team building, communication, relationships and personal development. 

In addition to my formal HR qualifications, I became a Master Practitioner of Coaching, completed certificates and degrees, worked in many industries including Aviation, Mining, Construction, Injury Rehabilitation, Real Estate and more.

And what I realised was this - The key to having a great team mostly comes down to this - Does the team have a passionate Leader (rather than a manager), and does the team understand what their role in the team is and how they contribute to the bigger picture.

Based on these two vital things, I have created a Leadership program that teaches the Step by Step process that is simple to learn, and easy to implement that helps people thrive and deliver results.

With my help, you too can learn what I have learnt, and lead your team to business success! 👍
Have you Noticed How Many 'Leadership' Programs there are out there that Don't 
Actually Help You Drive Cultural Change?
I believe I have found the answer to creating the team culture you dream of....
Over the years, through my own experiences and partnering with hundreds of leaders, I have learnt leadership and team building skills and techniques that can transform your Organisational Culture that most businesses don't know about or understand.

These secrets were learnt through my own experiences and after working for over 15+ years with leaders, businesses and teams just like yours, and now...

Businesses and Leaders that consider what they want from their personal and professional life.

Businesses and Leaders that want to be better versions of themselves, and have the drive to make it happen.

Businesses and Leaders like you!!!
On Average We Spend 1/3 Of Our Lives At Work, So Let Me Ask You This - Are You Happy, Is Your Team Happy, Do You Want More?...
Do you want to be a better leader and develop your team, but can't find the time or energy to do something about it?

Have you tried other Leadership Development paths but they just didn't make a difference?

Why is it that despite your best efforts, you and your team just aren't quite achieving the results?
Think About it - Is this REALLY what you want your team to be like, or do you wish there was a better way? Why not start right NOW!?
There is always something else to take care of isn't there? I'll work on the team later. Customers, Paperwork, Meetings come first. Sound familiar?

There will never be enough time unless you MAKE time. Time is the one resource that you will NEVER be able to get back. The longer you hold yourself back from achieving your work dreams, the longer it will take to reach them.

How much is a high performing team worth? How much is YOUR leadership worth? Money is actually a replenishing resource. In 1/2/4 weeks - Your money comes back. Your bank account fills up. Don't you want to spend some of it on your work development, and start working the way you want to?

If you did know where to start would you give it a go? Through this product, I am available every day, and provide content that is accessible 24/7. We have a step by step course that is easy to start, and will keep you going until the very end.

Well the truth is that I used to think that way too. When you don't believe in yourself, then it can often feel like the world is against you, that there is noone to turn, that you are doing it alone. But you are NOT alone!
If You Would Like to Be a Better Leader, Have More Influence, Create A Better Team
Then Check Out the Ultimate Influence Package!!!
The 'Ultimate Influence' Package is an Offer Available for a Limited Time Only, which includes everything you need to Understand and then Bring out the Best in You and Your Team!!
Get it Quick Because this offer Won't Last Long!! 
Lauren Mlikota
A highly influential and successful leader in Human Behaviour, Lauren has built her business Charge Connect Grow based on the foundations learnt in over 15 years of working with Businesses and Individuals in Personal Development and Leadership.

With a Bachelor Degree in Human Resource Management, a Master Practitioner of Coaching, a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Lauren is passionate about sharing with others the secrets behind human behaviour, and the importance in understanding human behaviour to drive all results. 

Lauren is committed to sharing and teaching the techniques she has learnt over 15 years, while also raising her two girls with her husband Michael. Together they are already teaching their children the techniques to be successful in life, sharing what she has learnt over the last 15 years.

Can You Imagine What Work Would Be Like If You Understood How to Motivate and Influence Your Team Effectively?
If you truly understood you and your team, and understood the secrets to unlocking yours and their  true potential you could -

✔ Build better, more fulfilling relationships with your team and customers
✔ Feel more confident when interacting with your team and customers
✔ Communicate your goals, mission and vision more clearly with your team and customers
✔ Feel more confident about yourself
✔ You and your team handle failure more effectively
✔ You and your team celebrate wins more often
✔ You and your team understand eachother better
✔ Be more effective in your leadership of your staff
✔ Understand and meet the needs of your boss
✔ Improve your mental and physical health
✔ Start doing the work you WANT to do, rather than what you think you HAVE to do

How AMAZING would it be if you could achieve all of this WITHOUT wasting TIME or MONEY? 

With the Proven Methods I can show you, you could be more successful, get better results, be more fulfilled, happier. Work could be BETTER.

All Ultimate Influence Packages Include

5 Part Video Series - Introduction to D-I-S-C Behaviours
This Five Part Video Series provides a Brief Introduction to each of the four  D-I-S-C styles.

In this Five Part Video Mini-Series, Lauren Mlikota explores the different behaviour styles in 5-10 minute videos, to better understand your self, and your team.

The Four D-I-S-C styles and additional session include -
• Dominant Style
• Influencer Style
• Stabiliser Style
• Compliant Style
• How to Build the Right Team

Based on the unique teachings that Lauren has studied for over 10 years, this five part video mini-series is the initial key to unlocking your true self, and ultimately, your best life.

Individual D-I-S-C Behavioural Assessment
Want to learn about your own Behaviour Style, and how to get the most out of it at work and at home? 

Then you need to complete an Individualised D-I-S-C Behavioural Assessment.

This 10 minute self assessment will identify how you communicate with others, what your needs are, how to get the most from those around you, and what type of work you are best suited for.

Upon completion of the assessment, Lauren will receive your results, a 20 Page Behavioural Report - an in depth summary of your specific behavioural style including your motivators, strengths, development areas, and provides valuable insights into how your behavioural style comes across to others, behaves in a team environment and more.

You will gain powerful insights into boosting your performance and productivity in business & life. 

60 Minute D-I-S-C Unpack 1 on 1 with Lauren Mlikota
Lauren Mlikota is an expert in the D-I-S-C Behavioural Analysis and Human Behaviour Leadership, and is passionate about Business and Team Building.

Spend time with Lauren 1on1 where you will have a comprehensive review and guide given regarding your unique D-I-S-C style.
And, for a limited time only as part of our introductory offer, we are giving away the following bonuses absolutely FREE of charge!
Bonus Offer #1 - Additional Customizable Individual D-I-S-C Behavioural Report
Additional Customizable Individual D-I-S-C Behavioural Report

Once you learn about your Individual Behaviour Style, it's only natural that you will want to learn even more. 

Depending on your current role and focus, you will have access to obtain another FREE report.

The options include:
- Your Sales Style - great for Leaders and Teams who also have a sales and customer growth component of their role.

- Your Communication Style - great for Leaders wanting to go even deeper with understanding their communication style and how it impacts others.

- Your Leadership and Management Style - great for Leaders wanting to go even deeper with understanding their Leadership and Management style and how to modify and adjust their style for best results.

- The Top Tips for your Style - great for Leaders wanting even more tips and strategies to get their best from their behavioural style, plus learning how to adjust their style for best results.

You can discuss with Lauren the best additional report to suit your current business needs.

Bonus Offer #2 - Vision, Mission  & Values, Workbook & Templates
Vision, Mission, Value and Values Workbook & Templates

A business is built on its foundations.
Does your team know what your company is about – what your company stands for and what your company cares about?

Having the Vision, Mission, and Values in place enables you to start creating a culture where your team knows this and wants to be doing what they’re doing, with the people they’re doing it with, and they value that they’re part of it.

This workbook shows you to either create or redefine your current Vision, Mission and Values.

Additionally, once developed, placing them strategically around the walls of your building will ensure that your team is clear on the expectations from you and the business.
Bonus Offer #3 - D-I-S-C Poster Templates
D-I-S-C Poster Template Tool

These posters have been created for you to have an easy reference to the four D-I-S-C styles that can be used forever.

Place them on the wall of your office, and you will be able to quickly and easily see -

• How to Recognise Each of the Four Styles
• Do's and Don'ts of Communication for the Four styles
• Key Factors in each of the Four Styles

To get all of this content from some of the brightest minds in the Leadership and Business world would usually cost tens of thousands of dollars! 

How much would you be willing to pay to have your team be more productive and work better than ever before?
Don't Put Yourself Last Ever Again. 
Transform Your Team and Be Proven as a Great leader Today.
Purchase this Exclusive Package Now as This Really Is 
A limited time offer!
We Offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
We are so confident that you will find value in our 'Ultimate Influence' team package that if you are ever unsatisfied with our service, we will give you your money back. No questions asked.
The Truth is, This Program Will Only be Successful if You BELIEVE it Will be. Do you Truly Want Your Team to Be Successful?
Well Let's Summarise Why Your Team Will Succeed!

All my life I had dreamed of being a great leader, and of building a great team. I wanted to be like all of those famous leaders you see throughout history.

But the truth is I needed help. I couldn't do it on my own. 

It wasn't until I started receiving support and training from a great coach and mentor, and developed the skills and techniques which I have mastered in the 'Ultimate Success' Series, that my team and I completely changed. And so did our results.

No longer did I feel helpless. Instead I felt in control of my team, and of my business.

No longer did my team feel like they had no direction. Instead, I had clear goals and actions to achieve, and was able to communicate them to the team effectively.

No longer did my team feel like they had no direction. Instead I had a group of team players who supported eachother and who felt like they mattered.

No longer were we conflicted. Instead, the team understood themselves and eachother better, and would then be more receptive when there was someone speaking out.

At the bottom of this page you will find a summary of the items included which will allow you to develop and create Your Ultimate Success Team.

Do not let this Limited Time Opportunity pass you by. You deserve to be an amazing leader, and to lead an amazing team.

I know this stuff works, because I have transformed mine and many others business lives using these exact same techniques.

Even if you are completely unhappy with the results, we have a money back guarantee for any purchase you have made. 

Remember, only YOU can create your Ultimate Influence Team...

- Lauren Mlikota

Here's What Our Customers are Saying

Julie Baird 
Property Manager

Lauren presented an excellent DISC training session to our property management team at our Planning Day. 

It was a great introduction for our team to understand not only their own style of communication but also how to relate to clients on different levels and has equipped them with the skills and knowledge for us to move forward as a team. The breakthroughs that came as a result over the months that followed, was both terrific and interesting to be a part of and helped our team enormously to go to our next level. Well worth the investment.

Jen Sykes 
Social Marketing Manager

Under the guidance of the very motivational Lauren, I participated in the training program "Design Your Life".

With open minds and hearts my team and I spent over 4 hours creating new visions, and learning new language to find the right energy in our words. 

I for one was VERY impressed and have my eyes more open than ever before. 

Charge Connect Grow is an amazing business for personal and professional development and I was honoured to be a part of this training.

Jodie Hunter
Business Manager

I was in a place in my life where I wanted to learn to live consciously, to really know who I am, what makes my heart sing and what doesn’t, why that is so and how to better make decisions for myself into the future.
Lauren did my DISC profile for me and we had an in depth unpacking of that profile. I learned so much about myself and in such a short amount of time! It was wonderful. There were things I did that I simply could not stand…and then times in life where I was so switched on, tuned in and loving whatever I was doing. Now I have the insights to understand why and this enables me to continue making decision in this way so I feel this way.
So many people live their lives like a square peg trying to squish into a round hole. That’s not how I wanted to live and having my DISC profile with Lauren gave me a short cut to figuring out how. I choose to embrace who I am and make decisions based on who I am, rather than who I think I should be or who others want me to be.
I thoroughly recommend taking the time and investing in yourself to give yourself those insights, understand yourself more than you ever have, feel like you are living your life for you, make decisions more effectively and efficiently, and live more and more consciously each day.
Thank you Lauren.
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase This AMAZING Offer!
  • ​5 Part Video Series - Introduction to D-I-S-C Behaviours ($497 Value)
  • ​Individual D-I-S-C Behavioural Assessment ($497 Value)
  • ​60 Minute D-I-S-C Unpack 1 on 1 with Lauren Mlikota ($297 Value)
  • ​Bonus Additional Customizable D-I-S-C Behavioural Report To Take Your Learning and Awareness Even Deeper ($497 Value)
  • Bonus Vision, Mission & Values Workbook & Templates ($197  Value)
  • Bonus D-I-S-C Poster Templates ($197 Value)
Total Value: $2,080
But today, you're getting all of this for over 70% off...
For Only $597!!
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